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Do I need to be home to have my pet groomed?

We are insured like a pet sitting or house cleaning business. We only ask that you are home the first time to introduce us to your dog and give us any instructions. After that, we can arrange to come in and groom your pet in the van while you are busy working and living life. Most of our customers love the fact that they can trust us and have one less thing to worry about.

how long does it take to groom my dog?

Most appointments can be completed in 1.5-2 hours; however, we take all the time we need to make sure we groom your dog safely and compassionately.

Do you need to use my water or electricity?

The van is self-contained with a 50 gallon water tank, a powerful generator, and everything else necessary to complete the groom. 99% of the time, we will just need a place to park and your pup. But just like everything else in the world, every once in a while, there are exceptions. 

do you take any dogs?

  • This is a very small business and we are only able to groom about 6 dogs in one area a day. We usually visit one part of our service area a week. Once we are full in that area, we will not be able to take any more pups until new appointments open up.
  • We can only take dogs up to 45 pounds as usually only one person grooms the dog, and we need to be able to pick up and handle your dog throughout the entire process.
  • Aggressive or extremely nervous dogs will not be accepted for everyone's safety. We work with sharp tools in a small space, so we are unable to groom dogs that are moving or trying to bite the entire time. But we get to know each dog and try our best to groom them with the minimum possible stress. 
  • We do groom elderly dogs or dogs with certain conditions, but there is no veterinary personnel on-site. Even though mobile grooming reduces a lot of stress and anxiety, some dogs may still be very fearful. There have been times we have recommended that dogs be groomed at a veterinary clinic with a doctor on-site just in case.

how often should my dogs be groomed?

Most dogs are groomed every 6 weeks, but it depends on their lifestyle and how often they are brushed. Customers who prefer not to brush their dog are usually on a 3 week schedule to avoid matting.

Why does mobile grooming cost more?

  • Grooming salons can handle dozens of dogs in one day by using cage drying and having dogs stay in the salon for hours at a time. With Paw Naturel, your dog gets individualized care and everything is done by hand, significantly reducing their time away from home and anxiety.  There are no other dogs or people coming in and out. Your pet will be back on the couch in less than 2 hours!
  • We use only the best natural and biodegradable products, and premium services are already included.
  • You do not have to waste time and gas getting your dogs in the car and driving them back and forth. You don't even need to be home. Just come home to a clean dog!
  • You will usually get the same groomer. Your pet will  not be passed around by strangers he/she has never seen.


 We don't know! Probably because we follow them around when they go to the bathroom, so they think that it is the proper thing to do! 

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