No driving, No waiting, No worries. Paw Naturel comes to you!

Board of Directors

MARBLE: CEO (cat Executive officer)


It all started with Marble's innovative idea to give dogs a bath as often as possible. Later, she introduced nail clipping to the business model, and the rest is history!

Onyx: CFO (Chief Feline officer)


Onyx was also a co-founder and early investor in the business. Her duties included responding to any customer complaints and employee supervision.

chorizo: Vice-pooch (VP treat purchasing)


Chorizo had superb taste and was a master treat buyer until her retirement. She knew exactly which flavors customers enjoyed. She personally sampled every batch. Today, we continue her legacy and only bribe our customers with the best snacks available.

miller: vice pooch (VP security)


Miller remains employed with the company and he takes his security duties very seriously. He inspects the van daily before it leaves the premises. We are still not sure what he's looking for!

alla: groomer/owner (the only one who does any work around here)


Alla has been grooming and running Paw Naturel for over 10 years and taking care of pets even longer. She has a Master's in Human Resources Development and graduated from the prestigious Nash Grooming Academy in 2008. Prior to starting Paw Naturel, she worked as a Human Resources Consultant and Corporate Trainer for two Fortune 500 companies, but she decided dogs are way more fun. She is currently working on a Physical Therapy doctorate and hopes to be a pet PT in the near future.

rita Marley: Mit (manager in training)


Rita Marley travelled all the way from Jamaica to join the company; then she took a nap. This picture says it all. Kids today just don't work like they used to.  So far, she has demanded a high salary and bonuses, but hasn't done much yet. She does bring some AMAZING cuddling skills, and when you have that going for you, not much else is needed!